Welcome to my website.

The website is new, but I’ve been hanging around the web for a long time. The Wayback Machine crawled my first website in 1997, the year after it started its archiving. I was teaching computer science in those days and I had followed closely the development of the internet and the the process that led to hypertext and the World Wide Web.  Before the web, some may remember, computer-savvy folks shared their data on something called gopher and held email discussions on usenet user groups. Once the web became popular, we learned how to use hypertext markup language. We viewed the pages we wrote in HTML, I remember, with Mosaic browser. This was soon replaced by the early Netscape browser and its famous shooting star logo.

Over the last 20 years I’ve used the internet for a lot of projects. Pieces of me are all over the web. Links to some of those pieces are collected on these pages.  I became a writer about the time I started fiddling with networks and the web, so most of the bits of me on the web have to do with writing. This site is, above all, a display case for the books I have written.

Let me tell you about my most recent book. It arose from more than a dozen years as a member of the Eggcorn Forum. During those years, Forum participants found thousands of examples of eggcorns, a type of speech error that was first described in 2003. The eggcorn idea caught on quickly—by 2015 eggcorns were being regularly featured in magazines and newspapers. and major publishing houses were starting to issue popular language books that included large numbers of eggcorns. Many of these books and articles on eggcorns were (to put it kindly) unclear on the concept. So I decided to write a book that described our work on the Forum. The result was Bone Constrictors and Witchy Boards: The Hunt for the Hundred Best Eggcorns in the English Language. To find out more about this book, click on the cover image or on the Books link in the menu above.

The scenic pictures on this pages of this site, by the way, are ones that I’ve taken  during my rambles around southern BC. This page features our local creek at the height of the spring runoff. You are welcome to use the pictures on these pages in any way you want, web or print. Picture credits always appreciated, of course.

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