Ancestors and Names of Interest to Kem Luther

Ahnentafel (Ancestor Table)

I have been doing genealogical research since 1987. The outcome of part of my work has been self-published as two genealogies, one on the Ebenezer Luther family, and another on the Christian Rodabaugh line. Ordering information for paper copies: Luther genealogy and Christian Rodabaugh genealogy. They are also available on microfilm through the LDS family history library. Paper copies can be found in the major genealogical research libraries. Shortened forms of both genealogies are available on this web site.

I have also written a book about my search for Ebenezer Luther’s family. Cottonwood Roots was published in 1993 by the University of Nebraska Press. It was republished by iUniverse in 2006. I did a second edition of it through Amazon’s Kindle Direct services.

Besides the book and the two genealogies, I have prepared research summaries for most of the other lines I have worked on. I used to send these out to interested researchers on request. Now the full text of these summaries is now available on this web site.  (The exceptions are the two genealogies listed above—the copies of them on the web are not the full texts. In order to avoid putting genealogial data about living people on the web, the web copy of the Luther genealogy omits about half of the names (generations six through eight) from the descendant list. The web copy of the Rodabaugh genealogy does not include the long appendix that discusses the non-Christian Rodabaugh lines of Rodabaugh cognates.)

The papers and research summaries at this site are:

Below is my Ahnentafel chart. By following the links you can go to the research summaries that have the most complete discussion of various ancestors.

Note: On an Ahnentafel Chart, each subject’s parents may be found by multiplying his/her number by two for the father and add one to that product to find the mother. If the subject is number 20, for example, then the father of that subject is 40 and the mother is 41.

Note: Place names are in the United States unless otherwise specified.


  • 1 Kem LUTHER, b in Broken Bow, NE, m Jeanne Elizabeth ISAAC in London, ON, Canada.



  • 4 Arthur Franklin LUTHER, b February 19, 1870 in Brown Co, Kansas, m April 15, 1890 in Custer Co, NE, d July 1, 1951 in Broken Bow, NE.
  • Ella Etta RUCKLE, b August 27, 1874 in Blue Earth Co, MN, d September 8, 1892 in Mason City, NE.
  • William Henry RODABAUGH, b April 22, 1879 in Phelps Co., MO, m December 27, 1905 in Osceola, MO, d May 21, 1964 in Twin Falls, ID.
  • 7 Lena Leota JORDAN, b July 20, 1884 in Georgetown, Brown Co, OH, d 1968 in Gooding,


  • Henry Lousern LUTHER, b March 4, 1837 in Erie Co, NY, m October 29, 1860 in Swan Creek, IL, d March 30, 1911 in Custer Co, NE.
  • 9 Elizabeth CLINE, b May 14, 1843 in MS, d June 8, 1926 in Miller, MO.
  • 10 John W. RUCKLE, b circa 1835 in Morgan, WV, m circa 1867 in Shelby Twnshp, Blue Earth Co, MN, d 1892 in Mason City, NE.
  • 11 Irena HARRIMAN, b circa 1849 in OH, d circa 1885 in Athena Twnshp, Ringgold County, IA.
  • 12 Abraham RODABAUGH, b July 1853 in Indiana, m January 8, 1874 in Phelps Co, MO, d 1937.
  • 13 Sarah Lucinda COLEMAN, b May 12, 1855 in MO, d December 1955 in MO.
  • 14 Walter M. JORDAN, b August 1855 in OH, m January 3, 1876 in Brown Co., OH.
  • 15 Hanna REDDICK, b August 1854 in OH.


  • 16 Ebenezer LUTHER, b March 3, 1797 in NY, m 1823, d October 4, 1867 in Warren Co, IL.
  • 17 Aurilla Mariette WAIT, b April 10, 1801 in NY, d May 28, 1880 in Saline Co, NE.
  • 18 Abraham CLINE, b circa 1807 in Germany.
  • 19 Lucy, b circa 1812 in Germany.
  • 20 Daniel RUCKLE, b before 1800 in Ireland, m November 6, 1833 in Monongalia Co, WV, d before 1850.
  • 21 Rebecca E. JARRETT, b circa 1810 in Monogalia Co, WV.
  • 22 George HARRIMAN, b March 29, 1828 in Washington Co, PA, m circa 1849, d February 16, 1912 in Ringgold Co, IA.
  • 23 Jane TURNEY, m. circa 1840, probably in Ohio.
  • 24 Jacob RODABAUGH, b circa 1820 in Montgomery Co, OH, m before 1852, d after 1880.
  • 25 Luvina WIMMER, b circa 1822 in IN, d after 1880.
  • 26 Hammond COLEMAN, b circa 1821 in VA, m September 12, 1840 in Lawrence Co, IN, d circa 1858.
  • 27 Sarah A. GILMORE, b circa 1822 in Indiana
  • 28 Elisha JORDAN, b circa 1837 in North Carolina, d April 5, 1892 in Brown Co, OH.
  • 29 Mary E. MORLAND, b circa1836 in OH, d after 1892 in Brown Co, OH.
  • 30 Martin REDDICK, b January 22, 1812 in Clermont Co, OH, m March 23, 1837 in Cincinnati, OH, d February 25, 1907 in Cincinnati, OH.
  • 31 Matilda CREAGER b March 30, 1812 in Essex, NJ, d March 13, 1892 in Brown Co, OH.





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